Root into the Ground of Gender

1. Remapping Gender

First, we are going to establish a nature-based map of gender, which will serve as a foundation for our journey.  This will enable us to initiate a relationship with nature's primal creative expression... masculine and feminine essence.  


Harmonize with Nature

2. The Natural Way

Next, we are going to align ourselves within the naturally occurring Way of Things.  Which is a primal flow of creative expression, that will carry us into an individual way of being that is grounded in truth, authenticity, and liberation.  


Heart-Centered Virtues and Practices

3. Essential Life Skills

Lastly, we are going to embody the truth and wisdom that we have received by establishing a lifestyle that is grounded in virtues and practices such as compassion, balance, mindfulness, flow and self-care. 

Your rainbow soul is a gift, given to you by the natural world.   Your birthright is freedom.  Your essence is beauty.  Your truth is love.

It's time to say yes to who you are.