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Rediscover Your Love for Gender in Six Steps

Six days of transformational practices, heartfelt advice, and essential perspectives for the empowered gender explorer...

Lauren Sunshine Gender Alchemy

Gender Alchemy (n.)

The transformational process of fully embracing your creative destiny and healing your relationship with gender... resulting in an illumination of the rainbow heart.

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It's Lovely To Meet You

Lauren Sunshine | Gender Alchemy

I'm a transition coach and rainbow guide, with an emphasis on creative expression and personal freedom.

My role is to guide transgender and queer individuals through the process of cultivating a healthier and more harmonious relationship with gender and creativity. 

All my Love, Lauren

Struggling with Gender? 

Let's Change That...

Remapping Gender Workshop Lauren Sunshine

The Remapping Gender Workshop is a deep dive into the heart of gender and creative expression. 

Join me, and I'll show you why this understanding is essential to an empowered gender exploration...

Heartfelt advice and practical strategies that will support you with your gender exploration...

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