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Rainbow Coaching

A healthy relationship with gender is your doorway into creative and expressive freedom...

Lauren Sunshine Gender Alchemy

Being gender expansive is challenging.  I get it. The pressure of getting it right, the fear of the unknown, the ambiguity of fluidity, the heartache of longing.

But I have news for you... YOU ARE CAPABLE OF BEING YOURSELF!

And just like the rosebud, your destiny is to flower.  How could it be any other way?   So deep breath... because you've got this.    

Lauren Sunshine Gender Alchemy

Hey, It's Lauren

It is my pleasure to support you on your journey across the rainbow.  I have a deep reverence for the path of the gender explorer.  

I believe that being gender expansive is an initiation from life... inviting us into a deeper and more authentic way of being.  

It's about time you were able to wholeheartedly embrace your unique creative voice.  

What can you Expect?

A container of compassionate wisdom for you to unravel within.  

Guidance, support, reassurance, and clarity as you navigate your process

Strategies, practices, and practical advice for you to  implement immediately

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Who is This For?

The gender expansive experience is a deep dive into self-discovery, personal freedom, and authentic creative expression.

Anyone who is exploring gender and cultivating a more authentic relationship with creative expression 

Anyone who is healing gender conditioning or working towards becoming a more effective queer ally.


How to Get Started

1. Schedule

Shoot me an email, introduce yourself and let's find a day/time that works for you.


2. Discovery

I'll ask you a few questions so that I can learn more about you and your goals for our work together.

3. Coaching

Intimate, personal and powerful.  Focusing on the most pressing matter... being fully and authentically YOU.

Investment: $300/hr

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