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A Strategy for Getting CLEAR About Your TRANSITION

There is nothing worse than trying to navigate a major life decision, while also feeling totally unclear. So if you’ve been feeling confused, apprehensive, or possibly overwhelmed by your transition, or your life path in general… then this blog is for you.

Because in it… I’m going to share with you a simple strategy that will help you cut through the noise… and tune into that feeling space of simplicity, certainty and clarity.

Okay, lets get into it...

But before we talk about the strategy… let’s quickly define clarity. What does it mean, what does it feel like, and why is it important?

So in my experience, clarity is a mental, emotional, and physical feeling space… where I am able to see, think and feel clearly. And when I say see clearly… what I mean is… I have a calm, grounded perspective that is inclusive, neutral, and balanced.

And in those moments, when I am feeling clear… I am able to see beyond the non essential details… and into the heart of the matter.

Whether that is in regards to a major life decision, or about the direction of my life, or if it’s simply about what I need to do on any given day.

So In those moments… when I am connected to clarity, what happens is… I am able to intuitively perceive the destiny of the situation.

And when I say destiny… what I mean is… the direction, or the flow of the situation. In other words… I am able to sense where the natural momentum of life is carrying me.

Which means that when I feel clear… I’m able to get out of the way… and allow for the situation itself to elicit a response from me. As opposed to those moments when I’m feeling unclear, and I make a decision that just creates a bigger mess of things.

So if you are queer… then the ability to connect with intuitive clarity… and tune into that natural momentum of life… is an incredibly powerful tool that you can use to navigate your exploration.

Whether that exploration is related to gender, or sexuality, or creativity… clarity is that feeling space… where you have a broad enough perspective that you are able to intuitively understand what needs to be done.

So how do we get to that space? How can we start connecting with clarity, and using it as a guide for our life?

Well… this is a pretty broad topic… so it’s important to recognize that this is definitely not something that happens over night. Instead… this is a learning process. Or a series of experimentations, lifestyle changes and mindset shifts, that over time… bring your closer and closer to clarity.

So keep in mind that a commitment to the process… is a whole lot more valuable than any single action you could ever take.

And in today’s blog… I am going to share with you a simple strategy, slash perspective that is great for beginners… because it’s easy to implement… but it’s also complex enough that it can deepen alongside you for years to come.

But first… if, you are resonating with this content… then you should consider joining my email crash course… Rediscover Your Love for Gender in Six Steps. Because in it, I will share with you six transformational perspectives that will help you to reconnect with that primal passion and love that you have for gender. Its free, and I’ll include a link in the description.

Okay… let’s talk about the strategy. Which I am going to call…

Sinking Like Stone

So, if you’ve ever watched a stone sink to the bottom of a river… then you understand that as soon as the stone enters the river… its’ destiny is to reach the bottom. Right? Because that’s where the natural moment of life is carrying it.

And a stone, being very wise, never fights back against reality. Instead, it gives in to destiny. Or it allows for life to act upon it. And that’s why the stone always takes the most efficient and direct path to its’ destination.

In other words… the stone wastes no time… in getting to where it needs to go. It doesn’t get distracted and it doesn’t get carried away.

Instead… it allows for the natural momentum of life to all the work. And the stone sinks straight to the bottom. Every time.

But when it comes to humans… we tend to do the opposite. Right? We spend months or even years treading water, and contemplating… how in the world are we going get to where we need to go?

Even though all of life’s momentum is pulling us in a certain direction, and our destiny is to get to that place… we stay on the surface, getting tossed around by the currents of our fears, doubts, anxieties.

In other words… our need to be in control… and have everything figured out, keeps us from reaching our destination.

And not only that… but it creates chaos and disconnects us from the heart of the situation… which in turn causes unnecessary suffering and keeps us stuck in the mind.

So my suggestion with this strategy… is to be like a stone… and allow for the natural momentum of life to pull you into your destiny. And when it comes to bigger situations, like a transition… then recognize that your job isnt to figure everything out. Instead… it’s to be still, to let go and to get on the same page as life.

So, this feels like being present. Dropping into your body, processing your emotions, acknowledging your fears… and continually sinking deeper and deeper into the situation.

Not because you are trying to figure it out… or arrive at a solution… but because you have given in to the process… and you are along for the ride, regardless of where it leads you. And in those moments when you are feeling anxious, or confused, or afraid… my suggestion…is to give in to the moment.

Allow yourself to be pulled underneath the surface, and consumed by the gravity of the situation. Which of course means that you will have to stop treading water, pushing back, and resisting the moment.

And if you can feel your way into that space… where the fears, doubts and anxieties are on the surface… and you are like a stone resting at the bottom of the river… you will know what to do, and when to do it. Because from that location… you will be able to sense where the natural momentum of life is leading you.

Which might be towards a transition… or it might not be. Thats not really the point. Because more important than any single situation or decision… is learning learning the art of giving in to to the flow of life.

And if you are ready to invite even more clarity into your relationship with gender… then you should watch my video titled… Stop Trying to Understand Gender.

Because in it… I will share with you a powerful strategy that will help you start engaging with gender from a more balanced, grounded, and authentic feeling space… in a way that is simple and easy to implement.

Alright my friend, thats all I’ve got in this one.

Talk soon


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