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Are you READY to TRANSITION? (Gut Check)

I want to transition, but I don’t know if I’m ready. Thats the situation we are talking about today. That awkward limbo space that comes after admitting that yes, I want to. But Im not sure about the timing, I don’t know if I’m emotionally prepared and I haven’t figured out the logistics.

And now, I’m being pulled back and forth between something that I want… and all the things that are keeping me from going after it. Kind of like a tug of war between an expansive, hopeful perspective… and constricted, rational perspective. Both fighting for my attention.

So if you can relate… and you are considering a transition, but you don’t know if you are ready… then this video is for you.

Because in it… I am going to cover two simple tips that will help you reorient, relax, and enjoy the process… just enough for a little bit of clarity to shine through.

And who knows… you might be closer to a yes than you realize.

Okay, let’s get into it.

For tip number one… I want to offer you a perspective. And that perspective is …you are never going to be ready.

No matter how much you research and prepare. No matter how strong and capable you are. No matter how wealthy and successful you are. There is no such thing as being ready to enter the unknown. Thats not how this process works. Because when you say yes to a transition… you are quite literally stepping off a cliff, without a clue about what happens next. don’t know how it’s going to go. You don’t know how people are going to react and you don’t know the changes you’re about to go through. You don’t know how your life is going to be in ten days… let alone ten years from now.

So how could you ever expect yourself to be ready… for a chapter of life, that you haven’t lived yet? Thats an impossible standard, that is going to keep you stuck in place.

The idea that you need to be totally ready to enter the unknown is a mind game. It’s a trick that the mind plays on you, in order to keep you where you are. Because the mind is a creature of habit and control. And doing something new… puts the mind in a totally vulnerable position. Which it will do anything to avoid.

So that voice in your head that is playing on a loop… thinking about everything that could go wrong. Ruminating on all the potential challenges… that’s a self protective mechanism, which is designed to keep you in the bubble of exactly where you are.

So it’s important to recognize that after you have done the necessary research, identified all the relevant data points, and weighed the pros and cons… the mind has fulfilled its duty. And now… its time for you to begin connecting with your intuition, feeling the decision in your body, paying attention for signs from the world around you… and offering your question to the universe.

And my suggestion with this tip… is to recognize that you’re never going to feel totally and completely ready. That way… instead of holding yourself to an impossible standard… and expecting yourself to be crystal clear and one hundred percent prepared… instead, you offer yourself to the process and commit to showing up. Which is infinitely more powerful, than thinking that you are ready.

Because to be honest… sometimes, circumstances beyond our control… thrust us into a situation that we are totally unprepared for.

And in those moments… when we are right in the middle of it… the only thing that matters… is our decision to show up fully, and meet life on life’s terms.

And if we have gotten in the habit of spending too much time getting ready… then we run the risk of forgetting that life, at its very core, is designed to stretch us, and challenge us, and even terrify us… which is something that none of us will ever be ready for.

And if you can start shifting your emphasis away from arriving at a mind based conclusion, about being ready… and towards developing an intuitive relationship with your individual path… then you will be able to start sensing what that next chapter of your life is about.

And you will understand that more important than being ready… is an unwavering commitment to walking the path that has been placed before you. Which is what our next tip is about.

But before we move on… I want to mention that this video is apart of the transition with grace playlist, which I created specifically for people who are interested in a more holistic approach to the gender exploration. So if any of that resonates with you… then make sure to check out the other blogs in this category.

Okay, moving on to tip number two… I am offering you another perspective. Which says…regarding your transition, the decision has already been made

Meaning, the transition already has, or has not happened. In other words, your destiny has been sealed since the beginning of time. Your path has already been walked. And your job… as an individual person… is not to take charge of your life. Instead... it’s to harmonize with the situation that you were born into. Which means that the only decision you need to focus on… is are you willing to walk the path that has been placed in front of you.

Now, I know that this is an extreme perspective. It’s way out in left field. But keep in mind that I’m not saying this is something you need to believe in. Instead, what I’m saying is… we need something to balance out the situation. Because over here, way out in right field, is another perspective, which has most likely been dominating your decision making process.

And that perspective goes something like this… you are in charge. You are the master of your own destiny. Fate is in your hands. Life is what you say it is. This is your opportunity to make something of yourself.

This is a very common life orientation in the west. Capitalism, entrepreneurship, social media… all of these are expressions of a me-centric way of life. Which is a world view that puts all the pressure on the individual decision maker. Because according to this perceptive… the weight of the world, is quite literally on your shoulders.

And there is a good chance, that resting underneath your decision to transition… is this me-centric orientation. Which to be clear, is not a bad thing. However... if you are stuck in this perspective, without anything else to balance you out… then this decision is going to be way more intense than it needs to be.

So this tip is all about pulling back just a bit… and recognizing that being in charge… is only one side of the coin.

And if you are able to feel your way onto the other side… where you are navigating life with an understanding that you are not in charge… Now, all of a sudden you have access to an entirely new set of resources.

Now… you can breath, and relax… because you realize that your job as decision maker, isn’t quite as important as you’ve been making it out to be. Now, instead of having to figure things out… all you have to do… is find a way to say yes to what is right in front of you.

And if you can lean into the space that says… the decision has already been made. Then you might start seeing your situation through a different lens

You might start saying things like well, whatever its supposed to be… whatever is in my best and highest good. Whatever is my destiny and the path that I was born to walk. That’s the decision I am aligning with. Thats the direction that I am going to focus all my energies on.

Which is a totally different approach than trying to individually come up with the right answer. Because now, you realize that the story has already been written. and now, instead of trying to write that story on your own… all you have to do is intuitively feel into that next chapter, and see if you can sense where that natural momentum is leading you.

And if you feel like you’ve been spending too much time being in charge… and you are ready for a break… now is your chance to experiment with this new orientation.

And over time… if you continue practicing and exploring… you will starting shifting into a more balanced at holistic way of being…where you honor the individual… and you show up fully, as yourself… but without the weight and pressure of thinking that you are in charge.

And if you are ready to come into even greater harmony with your transition process, then I recommend watching my video titled… a strategy for committing to your transition.

Because in it… I will share with you a perceptive that will help you start shifting the emphasis of your relationship with being trans into a space that draws out all those incredible, beautiful, positive parts of yourself that are waiting to enter this world.

Alight, thats all I’ve got in this one... lets talk soon


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