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This is the difference between TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION

At the heart of the transgender experience is an opportunity for radical healing, alchemical purification and profound transformation. But unfortunately it doesn’t always go that way. And sometimes, going through a transition leaves us feeling more or less the same as before.

Different on the outside… sure. But on the inside… same as always. Still stuck with those same limiting beliefs, habits and feelings as before.

So what gives? What’s the difference between a transition and a transformation? And how can we bridge that gap? And position ourselves in a way that opens our hearts to radical, lasting change.

Well, thats what this blog is all about.

And in it, I am going to share with you a power strategy that will help you to align all of your efforts with the natural intelligence of life… and invite the energy of transformation into every aspect of your gender exploration. Regardless of your transition status.

Okay let’s get into it.

But before we talk about the strategy, first let’s take a closer look at the differences between a transition process and a transformation process.

Now, please keep in mind, that for the purposes of illustrating a point, and creating a teaching opportunity… I am going to be using very specific interpretations and definitions of these two words. Transition, transformation. That way, I’ll be able to create contrast... and articulate two very different orientations, or opportunities that exist within the overarching transgender path.

And of course… outside of the context of this video… the words transition and transformation aren’t nearly as nuanced as I am about to make them.

Okay, now that the disclaimer is out of the way… first, let’s talk about the transition process.

So when I hear the word transition… what I interpret is outer, superficial change. I change my clothes, and my gender role, and my name, and my appearance. And I swap out this presentation, for that presentation. And I transition from this position, to that position. But underneath, I’m still operating within the same dimension, or reality as before.

Or in other words… a transition, all on its own… leaves me structurally, more or less the same. And if I was unbalanced, out of alignment, and disconnected before my transition… then after, I am in a similar space.

And even if I experience relative, situational, transition-related benefits… such as a higher quality of life because I have addressed a social, relational, incongruence… underneath those changes is that same limited prospective and unbalanced foundation.

Which is usually something that happens when I exclusively give all my time and attention to superficial, surface level changes. And I neglect the deeper, more intuitive, and significant opportunities that this path has to offer.

Such as the transformational quality of the transgender experience.

Which requires a totally different orientation than the transition does. Because whereas as a transition rearranges things on the surface… a transformation implies a total restructuring of the underlying individual.

And a profound shift into a much more aligned, and balanced and integrated way of being. Kind of like a metamorphosis. Or an alchemical purification.

Which is a process that completely, and permanently alters the underlying structure of the organism. Kind of like how a caterpillar has to go beyond being a caterpillar in order to experience a transformation.

And in the same way… your transformation is going to take you beyond where you currently are. And it’s going to open you to parts of yourself that you weren’t previously aware of.

Which is a process that you’ve probably already experienced on more than one occasion. These are the moments when you see something in a way that you’ve never seen it before. Or you realize something that can never be unrealized. Or you wake up to a truth that can never be forgotten.

And the old you… the person that you were… no longer exists. Because now you are the you… who went through a transformational experience.

So if I was someone who was in denial, and I hated myself, and I was cruel to other people, and I was totally disconnected from the world around me. Then a transformation would imply that I am walking towards acceptance, compassion, and connection. And I’m opening to a totally different way of life. And I’m seeing the world through fresh eyes.

Whereas a transition, that doesn’t include any transformational qualities… would imply that I swap out the surface appearance of things… and I pretend, and I mimic, and I theorize, and I talk a big game… but underneath, that same fundamental structure remains the same.

So that’s the difference between transition, and transformation. One is on the surface, and the other is at the core of our being. A transformation is not dependent on a transition. And a transition does not guarantee a transformation.

Or in other words… transformation is accessible to everyone, regardless of their transition, or gender status. But just because someone goes through a transition… doesn’t mean that they’ve gone through a transformation.

However… the two paths absolutely compliment each other. And anyone who makes the decision to explore gender is also being faced with the possibility of transformation.

As long as they understand how to position themselves in a way that invites healing, wholeness, and harmony into their lives.

Which is exactly what our strategy is all about. Giving our selves to the process. And orienting ourselves in a way so that transformation can happen to us.

Okay lets get into the strategy, which is called: Give in to the Process

So, an important distinction to make between transition and transformation is that a transition is something that is in your power. You take action, and you make changes, and you move from here to there. ]

But when it comes to a transformation… you aren’t actually in charge of that process. And you can’t brute force your way along that path. Simply because your current limitations, are the very things keeping you from moving beyond those limitations.

So instead of attempting to impose transformation upon yourself… what you need to do… is orient yourself in a way that invites transformation into your life. And position yourself in a way where you are in alignment with the natural evolution of your being.

Which feels like giving in. And softening, and relaxing, and a letting go.

And allowing for the natural intelligence of life… which is guiding all beings towards wholeness… to work on you.

And slowly, gently, lovingly… shifting the emphasis of your life towards wholeness, integrity, alignment, harmony, trust, compassion, and so on. And see if you can start communicating to life… in more and more ways… that you are ready for transformation. And that you are willing to travel beyond your current position… and into the unknown.

So this strategy is all about softening our stance. Letting go of our need to be in control. Tuning into the subtle vibrations of life, and acting in a way that brings you into greater harmony with all beings.

This means stop doing the things that disconnect you from the path. Such as pushing back, avoiding, numbing, criticizing, and blaming. And start doing more of the things that connect you to the path. Such as forgiving, and loving, and embracing, and letting go.

And in those moments when you feel like life is asking you to give something up… give it up. And when you feel like life is communicating something to you. Listen, and respond. And when you feel like fear is getting in the way… let the wall fall down.

So my suggestion with this strategy is to totally embrace your inner restructuring. And to trust in the natural intelligence of life.

And to give in to that energetic momentum… which is drawing out all those old, outdated parts of yourself. And willingly offer yourself to the transformation process… over and over and over again.

And when it comes to your gender exploration… regardless of your transition status… use this outer path, as a vehicle for going deeper and deeper into the transformation process… which is a result of walking the inner path. And make sure that the ways in which you engage with your surface level movements… are always honoring the root-level restructuring of your being.

And slowly, over time… life will teach you through experiences, and people, and emotions, and coincidences how to actively participate in your transformation journey.

And if you want to learn even more about bridging that gap between a transition and transformation and opening yourself to a total restructuring… then I made a workshop just for you. It’s a deep dive into the transformational opportunities. that are being presented to all queer people. So if that sounds interesting to you… then check out this link.

Alright my fiends. Thats all i’ve got in this one. Let’s talk soon.


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