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FREEING Yourself from the *Trans* American Dream

Equality, progress, success, justice… this is the bedrock of our nation… the promised land of equal opportunity… where each individual has access to eduction, employment, and health care.

Right? Well... not so much. Maybe in theory… but in reality… it seems like there is a disconnect between the way this country is living… and the virtues that we preach. And there is a discrepancy between the vision, and the reality.

And in the same way… I’ve noticed that there is also an incongruence within the trans community between the idealistic vision we have for ourselves… and the reality of our lives. Especially for those of us who have bought into the Trans American dream. Which is based on superficial, outward expressions of success.

So in this blog… I’m going give you a strategy that will help you to reclaim your power and connect to a more substantial, meaningful orientation that will help you create a life that is in alignment with the highest vision of your soul.

Okay, let’s talk about the Trans-American dream. What is it, and how is it impacting us?

So when I say Trans-American dream… what I’m referring to is the subtle assumption that changing your gender role is going to fix all your problems. And that passing is the most important part of this journey. And that life doesn’t start until after that next surgery.

And in the back of your mind… you have invested into an idealistic, transition-related fantasy that positions you as on the outside of success, happiness and love.

And instead of grounding into your body… and connecting to the earth, and to your intuition… you look to the mind , and to all the beautiful images that it creates - about beauty, and approval, success. All of which are accessible only in the future.

And the reason I’m calling this outward focused, superficial orientation the Trans American dream… is because just like the American dream… this is a relatively empty promise… which very few of us will ever achieve… and those of us that do… aren’t going to feel complete… in the ways we thought we would.

But the promise is so alluring… that quite naturally… it draws us in. And it distracts us from a more holistic way of life. And instead of living for our version of success. We buy into societies’ version of success.

And we slip into a future-based, comparison-inspired, looks-driven mindset that over-emphasizes things like… passing, surgeries, and outer beauty. And hyper-focuses on social media, society, approval, and acceptance.

Which is a a subtle pattern that I’ve noticed within myself… and it’s also something i’ve observed in others. And thats why I wanted to talk about this topic.

Because I’ve learned that bypassing my intrinsic worth, and my inherent worthiness… in search of a mirage leaves me feeling empty, inadequate and powerless.

And that’s why I’ve decided to unplug from the Trans-American dream… and into a more substantial, earthy, and rooted way of being.

Which is exactly what this strategy is all about.

So the strategy is called: Connect to a Higher Vision

Meaning… learn how to engage with the open space that you exist within. And start feeling your way into the deeper, wiser part of yourself, which is quietly guiding you in the direction of connection, balance and wholeness.

Or in other words… place the emphasis of your transition, on cultivating the values of your soul. And allow for that innate, primal force of nature within you to guide your transition.

Some people call this guide the higher self, the inner self, the deeper self, the intuitive knowing, the truth, God, source, life, the earth… and many more.

But it doesn’t really matter what words you use… because underneath it all, is the same thing. A spacious, quiet, stillness, that emanates from deep inside your being. And is guiding you towards healing, harmony, and truth.

So learning how to honor that place, and how to move in the world, while remaining connected to stillness… is what I mean when I say - connect to a higher vision.

Which of course doesn’t imply that you have to stop caring about how you look, or about what you do, or how you are perceived.

It just means that your primary source of satisfaction… and the driving force behind why you do what you do… is no longer coming from the superficial, mind-based dream that you once had for yourself.

And instead… it’s coming from a surge of intuitive, natural momentum, which is flowing through you, and into this world. And it’s using your gender identity, and your transition, and every other part of your life… as a vehicle for going deeper into itself.

And when you learn how to default to that place first, before you make transition related decisions. And when you learn how to engage with gender, while remaining rooted in the deeper space. You will be intuitively guided into a holistic, integrated, and grounded way of life.

And you will be able to fully engage with a gender exploration… without being nearly as concerned about what things look like on the outside. Because like I said, your emphasis will be on using this outer path… as a vehicle for walking the inner path.

So my suggestion with this strategy is to start engaging with that place inside of you. And carving out time in your day, to sit with yourself. And engage with your soul. And in general… gently, lovingly, shift the emphasis of your life towards a more inward-focused, intuitive, heart-centered, soul-driven way of life.

This might look like picking up a mediation practice. Or taking more walks in nature. Or surrounding yourself with healthy influences. Or reading a certain book. Or journaling. Or incorporating more nurturing, regenerative activities in you life. Or opening up to a friend. Or literally anything else that helps to connect you to those deeper parts of yourself.

You can also ask yourself questions such as… when it comes to gender, what is my hearts deepest longing? Or what is the truth that my soul calling for? Or what is the legacy of my life?

And in those moments, when you are feeling swept away by all that this world has to offer. And you can feel yourself getting caught up in looks, and comparison, and fears… recognize these as reminders. Or opportunities to go deeper… and engage with that quiet space.

And see if you can find a way to honor those subtle promptings that are always coming out of that spacious silence within in. And that way, you will be able to take full advantage of all that this life has to offer.

And you will start to realize that challenges, are nothing more than fuel, for the inner fire. And over time… with enough practice… if you keep feeding it, that fire will generate enough energy to keep you warm in even the darkest of times.

And if want to go even deeper in to this process… and learn how to more fully engage with the energy of transformation. Then you should watch this video. Because in it… I share a powerful strategy that will help you to shift out of a superficial gender orientation, and into a deeper one. And that way… you will be able to get continue creating a life that is in alignment with your soul’s highest vision.

Alright my friend. Thanks for watching till the end. Ill see you soon.


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