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THIS is the TRUE Meaning of Inclusion

Inclusion is a standard of care within the queer community that often gets misunderstood…and instead of bringing us closer together… actually ends up tearing us apart.

So if want to learn how to truly hold space for equality, justice, and peace… then this blog is for you. Because in it, I am going to share with you a powerful strategy which will help to align all of your energies in support of not just queer people… but all people.

But before we get into the strategy, first let’s take a step back and talk about why, and how the idea of inclusion gets misunderstood....

So the first thing to recognize about inclusion, is that this is a universal principle, which is not dependent on what you, me, or anyone else believes to be true and good.

In other words… we don’t get to use the idea of inclusion to manipulate others into creating a new world. And we definitely can’t use it as a weapon for strong arming our enemies into submission.

Which unfortunately, is something that is incredibly common in today’s society.

These are the moments when I look at someone else, who is so obviously not inclusive… and I say to them… join my side, or perish. Give up your prejudice and your ignorance and your hatred now… or else. And if you don’t… I’m going to target you, and persecute you as someone who is different than me.

And now… as an ambassador of peace and inclusion… I’m going to close my heart, and treat you like a problem. Because I’m right, and you’re wrong. And YOU need to be more accepting. And YOU need to wake up. And YOU need to stop perpetuating these divisive, judgmental ignorant ideologies.

So that’s what I mean when I say… misinterpreting inclusion, and using it to control others…creates more division.

What I’m trying to point to… is the irony of the perception which says… inclusion only includes that which I feel to be good and true. And everyone else who disagrees, needs to change who they are.

This is like going to war, on behalf of peace. The two simply don’t go together. And for those of us who feel called to step into a more compassionate, harmonious, and accepting way of life. And to create a world that reflects those beautiful qualities. Then this is the dilemma we are being faced with.

How can we as a community, stand up for something that we feel to be true… and represent a way of life that is inclusive of all beings… and do it in a way that generates, communicates, and perpetuates togetherness… as opposed to separateness.

In other words… how do we face the opposition, without drawing a line in the sand?

And that’s what this strategy is all about. Engaging with the energy of inclusion in a way that actually generates and channels a true vibration of acceptance, harmony and inclusiveness.

Okay let’s get into the strategy, which is called… Practice Unconditional Inclusion

This means learning how to look at all things, through the eyes of inclusion. And unconditionally saying, yes, you are allowed to be here. You have permission to exist. Even if that is to ignorance, or pain, or suffering, or vile, disgusting behavior… unconditional inclusion looks at that thing… and acknowledges its’ fundamental right to exist.

In other words… the true energy of inclusion, reaches way past our individual barriers, of what we think is right and wrong. And it extends to even our worst enemy.

Because true inclusion is like I said, a universal, perspective. Which looks at war, and famine, and death, and prejudice, and ignorance, and says… yes, you are included. Yes, you are allowed to exist.

Which means that if we, as queer people, or as allies, or as progressive, open-minded people… want to be true ambassadors of inclusion. Then we need to get more comfortable dealing with things that make us uncomfortable. And we need to learn how to keep our hearts open… even, and especially, when we are being faced with something that we don’t agree with.

Which is a tough pill to swallow if we have gotten in the habit of projecting our individual interpretation of inclusion onto everyone and everything else. And have forgotten that we cant force people to change. And we can’t manipulate or shame people into healing. No matter how badly they need it.

Because that’s something that they have to choose for themselves. Willingly, and lovingly. And in a way where they are truly taking ownership of their lives.

But the only way that is going to happen, on a global, collective level… is if we… meaning those of us who feel called to create a more inclusive world… do the work on an individual level.

In other words… if you want this movement to spread… then the most effective, change inducing and powerful use of your time and energy… is to direct your attention inwards. And to do the work of creating an unconditional inclusive and loving environment within yourself.

This means working though your personal resistance. And facing your uncomfortable feelings. And allowing for the light to shine on our own ignorance. And bringing all of yourself, even the dark, scary, confused, twisted parts… back into circle of inclusion.

And this also means using the ignorance of other’s… as inspiration for going deeper into yourself. And alchemizing any residual emotional trauma that may be stored in your body. And gently, tenderly… inviting all of yourself to exist within the loving embrace of inclusion.

Which is obviously not something that happens over night. And that’s is why this strategy is a practice. Or an orienting perspective which is pointing you in the direction of exploring, and expanding, and deepening your relationship with and understanding of inclusion.

And in general, taking steps into a world, where you are able to greet every single part of yourself, and every single part of every one else… with an open heart.

So the next time you are dealing with someone who is not on the same page as you… there is your opportunity. And the next time you are faced with a part of yourself that makes you uncomfortable. There is your opportunity. And the next time you catch yourself thinking that the other people needs to be different. There is your opportunity.

And if you can get in the habit of seeing everything through the eyes of inclusion… then in your own way… you have created a world, where everything belongs. And everything is has its’ place. And that… is the true meaning of inclusion.

And if you want to learn more about the process of coming into a healthier and more harmonious relationship with gender… which happens to be a a huge part of the inclusion process, then you should watch this video. Because in it, I share a simple strategy that will help to invite a sense of intimacy and love into your individual creative environment.

Alright my friend, thanks for reading to the end. I’ll see you soon.


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